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Ataque a la Educación.

El manejo de la Pandemia por parte de algunos gobiernos tendrá efectos negativos sobre sus sociedades.

Protecting Education from Attack During Covid-19
Photo © 2019, Ahmad al-Basha/AFP/Getty Images September 10 marked the first International Day for the Protection of Education from Attack. That it should come amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has driven more than 1.5 billion students out of school, makes the day resonate even more. But children living in countries affected by armed conflict were already the most at risk of being excluded from education, even before the pandemic. Military use of schools – such as converting them into military bases, barracks, or weapons storage – endangers students and teachers.In recent months, there have been some positive examples of efforts to protect schools and education. But more needs to be done. The establishment of an International Day for the Protection of Education from Attack was overdue. Now it should be backed up with genuine action. READ MORE »

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